Family word

The Family Diplomat

Family gatherings.Family word

How do those two words make you feel?

Hopefully great. But if you cringe, you’re in good company, so to speak.

Some families are weighted with a history of tension and issues. Gatherings can be fraught with innuendos and verbal nudges that not everybody appreciates. When we arrive at traditional family gatherings like these, we re-enter the familiar waters, hoping we don’t sink.

But often one person seems to skim over the top of the roiling waves as if on a windsurfing board. They laugh easily, they smooth the rough seas, and everybody looks to them to brighten the event. The family diplomat.

If the family diplomat makes an offhand remark, they’re less likely to be construed in a negative way.

Why is that?

Perhaps they forgive and forget. Maybe they aren’t as sensitive as the rest of us. It’s possible they’re really good at covering their feelings.

The end result is that people are more willing to think better of them.

So a great goal we can set for ourselves is to show our positive regard, no matter how we may or may not feel otherwise. This can influence how we’re seen and how our words and actions are interpreted.

A little expense of positive energy can spark a warm return of happy feelings.

If a person feels your message of positive regard, they’re likely to be more accepting of you. This could make family gatherings feel better. And you could join the windsurfing ranks as a family diplomat instead of sinking again into old habits.

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