Santa Closeup

‘Stocking’ Is A Loaded Word

Every child wants to feel safe, and every child wants to live in a magical world.

Santa Closeup

He’s got a great reputation.

As an adult, I still want that.

We love to feel scared or off balance with notions of danger, as long as we know the threat is imaginary. As adults, we can better separate real from fantasy. But what about young children?

Here’s the premise to a scary story: A stranger watches you during the night when you’re deep asleep. He knows your daily routines. He even knows when you’ve had a bad day, and he keeps a record of your life.

This is bone chilling.

He can slip into your secured home in the middle of the night. He can even make your guard dog quietly welcome him.

You are powerless.

At the very least, you’d call this guy a stalker.

The concept in its raw form is scary! Can we blame young children if they’re afraid of sitting on Santa’s lap?

This guy has an unnerving ability to get into our personal space. Whatever happened to ‘stranger danger’?

Picture this: You’re nine years old, you’re staying up late on Christmas Eve night, hiding behind the couch. The house is silent. Your parents and sister went to bed hours ago. The stockings hang limp from the mantle. It’s one minute until midnight.

Do you really want Santa to slide down that chimney?

If Santa had suddenly appeared before you with his burgeoning bag, filling the room with his belly and his laugh, would you have screamed your head off?

Stocking sounds like stalking.


Shhh…this part isn’t for the young at heart: when you learned that Santa was a clever disguise for *ahem* someone else, were you secretly relieved?

The magic becomes so fun when you know everything is safe.

I believe each day would be magical if I had no reason to fear and had no worries about this world.

I wish peace, joy, and plenty of magic for our world, one that I hope one day will be safe. What a miracle that would be–the Christmas gift I want in my stocking.

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