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On the Verge of Breathing

a completed novel ready for agent representation

Krista Riccioni Winding Way

On the Verge of Breathing – a novel by Krista Riccioni

Cantankerous widow Leela’s stagnant world changes forever when dwindling finances force her to take a lodger. She rents out a room in her rundown Maine orchard home to Erin, a young woman expecting personal space—but Leela doesn’t include that in the deal. Erin doesn’t appreciate Leela nosing into her life. Leela doesn’t appreciate Erin’s attitude. They both have fractured families, but only Leela wants to fix that—for both of them.

Leela schemes a surprise reunion between Erin and her father, craving inspiration on how to do it right with her own estranged daughter. Her attempt fails spectacularly. Not only is Erin angry, so is Leela’s grown son who’s fallen for her. Instead of building a new family for herself, Leela risks pushing everyone away.

With humor and poignancy, ON THE VERGE OF BREATHING explores estrangement, forgiveness, and the definition of family.
Women's Fiction Writers Association Finalist Award