Saying Thank You

Gifting Gratitude

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. -William Arthur Ward

Saying Thank You

I’m holding onto several gifts that I need to give.

Inspired by the quote above, I’ll ‘present’ them now.

Recently I attended a writer’s conference in Boston. It was a one-day event, and I woke up at 4:15 AM to catch the bus with a friend. We’d been anticipating the day for months. I planned to pitch my manuscript to several literary agents, and I’d been scurrying all week getting organized and ready to present. It’s amazing my family didn’t fire me, because I’d let a few domestic duties lag.

Several occurrences leading up to and during that day left me grateful, and I want to acknowledge those who gifted me:

To Jessie: Thank you for your continued friendship. Our bus ride to and from Boston was full of conversation, support and listening. We never did catch that nap! I value your encouragement and your wonderful feedback.

To Lillian: Thank you for surprising me with your presence at the conference! I had only known you as a person who occasionally checked out my groceries. Now I see your brightness, intelligence, and enthusiasm for writing. I’m looking forward to sharing our mutual interest!

To Janet: Thank you for introducing yourself as we waited to pitch to various agents. You listened to the feedback I’d been receiving from agents, and you offered to listen to my pitch and help me improve it. It made a big difference. I wish you well with your novel too, and I’m glad we exchanged email addresses so we can follow each other’s progress.

To the agents: Thank you for giving up your Saturday to listen to us writers dream our big dreams. Your generous feedback and friendly demeanor are greatly appreciated.

To my fellow writers of the Women’s Fiction Writing Association: When I posted questions on how best to pitch to agents, you shared an abundance of advice and encouragement. You asked me how it went afterward too, and that made me feel thankful to be part of such a warm group.

To Jessica: When you saw my post asking for advice, you offered to video conference with me to practice my pitch. You took time out of a busy visit across the country, merely to help a fellow writer. I will always remember your generosity, and I hope to do the same for someone else one day.

To my husband and children: Thank you for always believing I can fly. Thank you to my daughter Grace who helped me last minute with my pitch and tell me to loosen up.

My heart is full, and I’m grateful.

I would love to hear something that has made you grateful today!

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