I started writing in high school geometry class. For me, angles were meant for stories. Looking back, I should’ve waited until after school hours, but hey, I managed to graduate. After earning a master’s degree in audiology, I enjoyed working with a diverse population of individuals seeking to overcome obstacles both within themselves and with those they love. This universal human connection resonates with me. After becoming a mother of two fantastic kids, I resumed writing.

Krista Riccioni

My writing explores multi-generational family dynamics and how we’re most vulnerable with those we love. When characters clash with each other, their hearts are exposed, revealing what’s inside us all.

I live in Maine with my supportive husband, my daughter (who is my photographer), my son (when he visits from college), and a cat who moved in without asking permission.

Other Things About Me

Emotionally-nutritious fudge brownies are often baking in my kitchen. I mean really, we could stop right there. You know enough about me with that fact alone.

For me, ‘muse’ is better spelled as ‘mews.’ It appears in the form of a feline friend that covers my keyboard.

Early morning walks help me remember to be in the moment and reset. Walking with friends restores me and reminds me that we’re all in this together.


Women's Fiction Writers Association Finalist AwardWomen's Fiction Writers Association Member      Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance Member